Classical massage

Classical massage


Classical massage on the has long been considered the forefather of all types of massage, as it belongs to the wellness and prevention, and in its arsenal has only four main movements: stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration. However, these movements are the basis for any type of massage, whether it is anti-cellulite, sports, erotic or therapeutic (not to be confused with manual therapy). Already from this paragraph it is clear that the classic type of massage has many advantages over others.

What are the classic massages:
Back massage
General massage
Massage of individual parts of the body
What do you get after the first session (if you came to a professional, of course):

Removal of the stratum corneum of the dermis
Normalization of external secretion
Increased muscle tone
Body shaping by promoting mucus excretion
Improving well-being and mood
Muscle relaxation
Promotes Accelerated Recovery After Heavy Exercise
Strength and Stamina Boost
Normalization of the psychoemotional state
There are dozens of positive effects even after a half-hour classic massage — only the most basic ones are listed above. The most important advantage over any other is versatility. What does it mean? A classic massage is performed taking into account the wishes, as well as a host of other criteria that the client indicates. For example, anti-cellulite should be performed in strict sequence, otherwise serious injury could be caused. Sports massage is performed purposefully, that is, taking into account the nature of the athlete’s training. The algorithm for performing classic massage can be adjusted to fit any person. Thanks to this quality, therapeutic massages are based on the classics.

To summarize: if you have never been to a massage therapist, then first try a classic back massage. Since even an inexperienced massage therapist will do it efficiently. Also, you should not be afraid that it will hurt or cause injuries. Any session is carried out with special oils that allow hands to slip without burning the surface of the skin. However, in some cases, the hands of a professional are so experienced that even without oils a good massage is obtained.

You should always remember: if you have pain in the lower back or in the chest, then it is better to consult a doctor, and only then to a massage therapist. In most cases, massage therapists do not have a medical education. Therapeutic massages are performed in a completely different style and without oils.



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